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3Landers Collectible DNA Figures Blind Box (Pre-Order)

3Landers Collectible DNA Figures Blind Box (Pre-Order)

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These exclusive and highly limited 3Lander DNA collectible figures are a collaboration between 3L and Toylaxy, a world renowned toy manufacturer!
These blind boxes are in single packs containing 1x figure of a random DNA (including a chance for a Legendary). 
This is a Pre-Order. Shipment will be ready Q1 2023.


 Official 3L Collectible

• 9 cm (3.5 inches)

• Only 1,000 pieces of each DNA, plus the ultra rare Legendary DNA

• Includes Certificate Card of Authenticity 
• DNA's in single boxes are randomized

• Material: PVC & Vinyl

• 90% handmade, each item will be slightly different

• Figures are assembled as one piece and cannot be separated

• Do not place the product in direct sunlight, do not store the product at high temperatures, and do not place the product near open flames

•  Products are not refundable. Please take a video or pictures when you open up the product so you can use them to claim within 7 days (count from the day that you received the product).
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